Monday, June 18, 2007

Pretty Please, With Sugar on Top?

We always knew the MPAA and the RIAA were a bunch of ego-maniacal meanies. But now there is an alternative way to combat piracy, one that doesn't involve the usual crew of lawyers piloting the USS Untactful-ness.

You see, these pirates are a funny bunch. Unlike most criminals, who commit crime because they are evil, pirates commit crime because it's fun. That's their sport, their hobby. They don't play football or have big parties. They crack code.

Not only that, they feel that in order to be a real hardcore programmer, they have to crack.

What they fail to realize is the effect this crime has on other people, people like Trey Harrison. They don't realize that the people who are harmed by their actions aren't just faceless executives, but guys like this one, who comb their hair and feed their cats before bed.

But Trey Harrison has discovered a tactic that nobody expected. Is there honor among thieves? It turns out that there is. All Trey did was ask nicely for the pirates to stop stealing his work of 7 years. They agreed to it, and there were no lawsuits, no threats, and no hard feelings.

the MPAA and RIAA could learn a lot from this guy. Instead of making the pirates job more fun by dangling a carrot in front of their noses, they should just hand them the carrot and say, "please don't eat it. We worked hard to grow it."

You can read the complete and unedited email conversation between Trey and the pirates here. There is also an interview with Trey about this incident, and it is particularly eye-opening.

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