Thursday, June 07, 2007

PC Mag's Dvorak: Microsoft is Perfect

I know. That's what I thought. From John C. Dvorak's June 26th column (published in PC Magazine):
What's at issue is the sheer number of [Linux] distros that constantly pour into the market looking for homes. And since they are essentially free, people are inclined to jump from one to another, always looking for the be-all-end-all super-perfect Linux. It will never happen until Microsoft does Linux! Oops. Did I say that?
WHOA! Since when is Microsoft capable of creating the be-all-end-all super-perfect Operating System? And if they are, why haven't they done it yet?!?

OK, this guy has made it official: he has no idea what he is talking about. Besides the obvious fact that Microsoft couldn't possibly create the perfect OS, what is wrong with "jumping from one to another"? We are not looking for the perfect Linux. We are looking for a better OS.

That is the beauty of Linux. You can always move to a different distro if you like it better. Nobody is pretending that Linux will ever be perfect, but the sure-fire way of making the opposite happen is to get Microsoft involved.

Does this guy have something against healthy competition? Obviously he doesn't know that the lack of competition is precisely what has made Microsoft's products suck for so long. Only now is Microsoft even beginning to catch up; why is that? Because it has competition, that's why.

Competition fuels innovation. And without competition, you end up with lousy products that sell at outrageous prices. Just look at the US Postal Service if you need an example. Monopolies halt innovation: competition drives it. Better performance, quality, reliability, prices, you name it: competition produces better products. There are no exceptions.

And this guy wants to stop that from happening. Apparently he wishes we would all go back to buying our OS for thousands of dollars when the computers themselves are capable of doing so much more, if only the OS would take advantage of it.

Not me. I'm slowly but surely making the move to Ubuntu 7.04, and I personally think it will be my last OS switch-over. Make that my only OS switch-over.

EDIT: Want to see what Microsoft's Linux distribution would look like?

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