Sunday, April 08, 2007

Finally, a Charity Worth Funding

That's right folks, I found one. And this one actually has some potential.

One Laptop Per Child is a non-profit organization that is making amazing headway in supplying affordable and durable laptops to children in "developing nations" (code for "third-world countries"). Their first model, the XO (due to ship in July) only costs $150, runs on man-generated (or in this case, kid-generated) power, has a water-proof keyboard, and is capable of mesh-networks, and tons more. There is so much thought that has gone into this product, it is truly unbelievable (Google: hire these people quick!)

Rugged, cheap, and almost unbreakable, this laptop features a tablet mode, two screen modes (one for direct sunlight, and one for darker situations), USB ports, and purely flash memory (no hard drive to fail). It has a touch screen, 1200x900 resolution, and a Linux-based OS that is multi-lingual.

There's so much more to this that it's literally impossible to list it all here. You just have to see it for yourself. All I have to say is, they've got my money.

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