Friday, March 02, 2007

ATR3 Disappears; New Portal Fills Void

Less than a week ago the programming game Advanced T-Robots 3's official website went offline. Today, a new and promising unofficial portal for ATR3 gamers has come onto the scene that hopes to keep ATR3 alive.

Gamers may browse a catalog of robot files that they may put in their own tournaments, as well as submit their own to the site. A tournaments page (which currently doesn't have any active tournaments) will eventually hold tournaments for players and present the results from past tourneys.

Overall, the site design is superb and deserves a look. New gamers can download the installation file (which is otherwise unavailable) so they can make their own robots and hold their own contests. Planned features include more robot files and a robot programming tutorial.

Full Disclosure: ATR3 Portal is an affiliate of TechTrek.



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