Thursday, February 15, 2007

Truth in Congress Ratings

So Senator Brownback (R) wants the ESRB to play every game all the way through before giving it a rating. Sounds reasonable, right?

No, it doesn't. Think about it: video games have hours and hours of gameplay. Think about the Final Fantasy series: they had hundreds of hours of content. Can a committee be expected to play the entire game all the way through to its multiple conclusions? And what about sandbox games, that have no conclusions?

The problem here is that Congress has no idea what is different about video games vs. movies or TV. These entertainment mediums have one ending, and it's between 30 and 180 minutes away. You can expect a committee to sit through that.

But playing hundreds of hours of gameplay multiple times, or (in the case of sandbox games) for eternity?? No way.

What will happen if this passes? The ESRB will be dissolved.

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