Saturday, January 20, 2007

PC World Gets Gmail Wrong

In the latest PC World magazine, Ryan Singel, who reviewed (among lots of other things) web-based email services for this article didn't actually try the services before reviewing them (why else would Yahoo! place first?) Here's a small quote (available online anyway, so this is legal):
Gmail is lightning-quick, lets you chat with other online Gmail users, and integrates nicely with Google's calendar. But its limitations--the inability to add new folders, to open multiple messages in one window, to filter e-mail, and to right-click on anything--will surely frustrate power users.
INABILITY TO ADD NEW FOLDERS?!? That's what labels are for, and they're way more versatile than folders, since you can label a single email with multiple labels.

Sure, you can't open more than one email in a single window, but you can open them in separate windows by control-clicking on the subject.

CAN'T FILTER EMAILS? There is a link that says (rather cryptically, I admit), "Create a filter". Obvious enough for you?

And what's this about right-clicking? Who the hell wants to right click on everything? The writer of this article, apparently.

Seriously, Ryan Singel needs to get an ejumacation before writing any more articles. And PC World should more carefully screen their articles before publication.

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