Monday, January 29, 2007

GTalk Takes the Slow Lane

Don't get me wrong. I love Google Talk. I love it with a passion. It kicks AIMs butt hands-down. But recently I have gotten fed up with how long GTalk takes to sign in.

Today I performed a test: I opened a fresh Firefox 2 and Google Talk. I then signed in to both Gmail+Talk and GTalk at the same time (I clicked the sign-in buttons within a split-second of each other). I have satellite internet (100mb download speed) and I had no other internet-related programs open.

The result? It took GTalk no less than 34 more seconds to logon than it took Gmail+Talk (which took 54 seconds), the grand total being 88 seconds, or 1 minute 28 seconds. No joke.

This needs fixing. Contact your Google representative today.

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