Friday, January 12, 2007

Google: "Don't Be Evil" Yahoo: "Use Yahoo, Dammit!"

It seems Yahoo thinks that altering a users preferences from what they have already selected is OK, and even a nice thing to do. Why, it helps people use the GREATES FRIKKIN SAERCH ENGENE EVAR, right? That has to be the right way to go!

What they don't realize is simple: If the user didn't already download IE7 and select Yahoo as their homepage and search engine, they obviously don't want it that way. It isn't that they're uninformed: I know that IE7 and Yahoo exist, and I choose not to use them. I use Firefox and Google instead.

Yahoo, get a grip. If people didn't choose you, improve your services so they'll want to, instead of taking over their browser and having your way with it. Geez.

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