Wednesday, November 08, 2006

WebOS Showdown

Recently, a new type of Operating System has been arriving on the tech scene. It's called a WebOS, and the basic idea is that you can log in from any internet-connected computer and use your programs and files. A few of these services have reached stage where they are actually usable; those are the sites I have reviewed.


YouOS is currently in Alpha stage, but it's definitely promising. There are a lot of features that are really necessary that aren't there yet, like a clock in the corner. However, this WebOS has a hand over the others in that anyone can develop applications for it, including me! Wanna see?

I made this web browser for YouOS, called WhereWolf. Try it out now!

So far I've created some 12 applications for YouOS. It's quite easy actually.

The signup for YouOS is painless, and it's really easy to log in and use applications and files. It's also relatively fast on loads.


eyeOS is much more polished than YouOS, but good grief, it's slow. Any time you click something, expect to wait three seconds before you get a response, even with broadband. There are very few applications, so you have to make do with what is available. I haven't looked at how easy it is to develop applications yet.

eyeOS is polished and complete, but it's really slow.

I recommend you look at it, but if productivity is your goal, eyeOS' speed (or lack thereof) may prove hindering.


Xin is a webOS-in-the-making that looks extremely promising and very appealing. Accessible on mobile platforms as well as computers, and with a lot of application flexibility, Xin should be a great WebOS when it is completed. I'm already signed up for the alpha release!

Xin is an extremely well polished WebOS-in-progress.

Site of the Week: SickSoft


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