Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Top 5 Microsoft Blunders

Microsoft has made a lot of mistakes in the past two decades. This article is an attempt to show where and how the software giant has gone wrong.

Internet Explorer 6

IE6 is the single buggiest, slowest, least secure piece of software in existence. While new web sites using new technologies appear everyday, many people still haven't made the switch to a browser that keeps up with the newest security threats. In theory, it could take weeks to get a fix for a hole in Internet Destroyer using auto updates. Firefox holes are patched within a couple of days. So go get Firefox for FREE today.


Microsoft yet again tried to take a brilliantly designed piece of software and ruin it. This time it was Java. Since they couldn't just buy Sun Microsystems, they copied their ideas and flushed them down the toilet. How? The single greatest selling point of Java is that it's portable. Any machine running the Java Virtual Machine can run a Java program, regardless of the Operating System. So what was the single aspect that Microsoft removed? Portability. C# only works on Windows. Idiots.


OveractiveX is the biggest problem with Internet Explorer, and probably the best example of a piece of software nobody wants or needs but Microsoft won't drop it. In Internet Explorer, any sites in the "trusted" zone can automatically run ActiveX controls. The problem is, the list of trusted sites is extremely easy for software to change. This represents a huge risk for any internet user.

ActiveX is the cause of many internet security problems.

Windows Genuine Advantage

I like to call this one Windows Genuine Annoyance. This auto-update checks your version of Windows to see if it is legit. If not, it pops up a box saying so every time you reboot. Sounds reasonable, until you know this: the software often says a version of Windows is phony when it isn't. Dumb.

Windows millennium Edition

Windows ME was really just a warm up for XP. Microsoft just needed enough to say "I'm still here and almost as good as Mac," and that's all it said. This turned out to be about the worst version of Windows ever written.

Windows ME sucked. Really.

Looking Forward

So what can we expect from Windows Vista and IE7? Expect nothing and you won't be disappointed.

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