Monday, July 31, 2006

DS Opera Covers the Bases

Now the DS can do everything the PSP can, plus some. Go check it out.

AJAX Site of the Week: Gmail

Sunday, July 30, 2006

How the DS beat the PSP

This article is an in-depth look on how the underdog Nintendo DS has outsold Sony's PSP, despite the latter's superior capabilities. It also shows why the Wii will beat the PS3, and for the same reasons.

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Friday, July 28, 2006

Gaming Anagrams

I'm bored this week, so here are some game related anagram puzzles I came up with (COPYWRITE!!!). Figure out the anagrams, write the words in the spaces, and then take all the circled letters and use them to make the phrase complete (just like the Scramble puzzles in the newspaper):

HINT: All the words have to do with gaming in one way or another. Check the comments to see if anyone has submitted anything as well.

The genre that includes bean burrito shoot-em-ups:
_ _ _ _ _ PERSON _ _ _ _ _ _ _

GREAT STY : O O O _ O O _ _
POOR COB : O O _ O _ _ O
FILE : _ O O _

Otto's favorite video game:
GRAND _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

THE HAL : O O _ _ O _
SO FRET : O O _ _ _ O
TALON BAIT : _ _ O O _ _ _ O _

Senior citizen Mario:
_ _ _ _ _ MARIO _ _ _ _ _ FIVE

ROSE HIC : _ O O _ _ O O
PEEL DOX : _ O O _ _ _ _
BY STU : _ O O O O

If you figure any of the words or phrases out, leave them in the comments to help others!

AJAX Site of the Week: Google Maps

Monday, July 24, 2006

Map This!

Since the dawn of the internet, mapping services such as MapQuest and Expedia have given users a quick and convenient way of finding their way around unfamiliar places. However, these two classic map services have been overtaken by two newcomers: Google Maps and Yahoo! Local. (Side note: Proof that Yahoo! can't come up with an original name - they borrowed Google Maps' beta name, Google Local.) These two services are both very smooth, easy to use, and AJAX operated, meaning there are no page loads involved. They also both offer satelite imagery, which is very nice for seeing how to enter a parking lot, just where the baseball diamond is located, etc.

Yahoo! Local

Local does an okay job at giving you information and mapping, and includes some nice features such as categories: click on one and a zillion pushpins indicating gas stations or restaurants dot the map. Useful for taking surveys I guess, but not much else.

Yahoo! Local is unpolished and clunky.

Local also includes the ability to have multiple stops on a single route. This is useful for people who have alot of errands to run and don't want to print out a map for each one.

Unfortunately, there are huge load times, and the interface is not very polished. Everything looks cramped, and may be hard to see for older folks ;).

Google Maps

Everywhere that Local disappoints, Maps wows. Rapid response times, a great interface, and easy to use print pages, turn-by-turn directions, and searches makes Maps a winner. The AJAX interface has been fine-tuned for lightning fast info loads, even on slower dial-up connections.

Google Maps sports a clean and simple interface.

A nice toolbar sits along the top with links for printing, emailing to friends, etc. Finding business info, like phone numbers and web addresses, is as easy as typing their name in the box. And searching for (and finding) exactly what you want has never been easier.

There are a few problems however. Finding your way from A to B is simple, but you can't add a C or D. Only a starting piont and an ending point is allowed. There is also a lack of catergories to expand, but this doesn't seem very useful anyway :D.

Edge: Google Maps

Wii Knew D(i)S would happen

err, sorry, corny title xD

Anyway, I was at the nintendo forums today, and I came across a topic talking about the end of the PSP as wii all know... and they posted a source here.

Anyway, it's 4 or 5 pages long, but its not "long" a nice read, if you have the time to laugh at Sony

Mr. Levingston

Saturday, July 15, 2006

What Nintendo Invents, We Steal

First off, let's have a brief history of the ripping-off:

NES - PlayStation
GameCube - PS2
Wii - PS3

That's right my friends! Right when we thought Nintendo was safe from being ripped off, Sony went and stole the motion-activated controller idea. I can see the wheels turning (or not turning, as the case may be) in the Sony execs' dense little minds:

"If they come up with a new feature that we haven't thought of because we've just been ripping theirs off, we'd better implement it." (sweating attendant runs up to exec and whispers between gasps for air) "What's this? They are implementing motion sensitivity as the main selling point in their new game console? Quick, make an announcement: we're doing that too!"

The Nintendo Wii controller incorporates a motion-sensitive element as its key feature.

The thing is, Sony has completely missed the point. Motion sensitivity isn't a feature of the Wii controller, it is the feature of the Wii controller. Every game for the Wii will be obliged to take this ability and milk it to its last drop, and if they don't, they'll fail miserably (not unlike Sony).

The PS3 controller did not originally have motion-sensitivity, but because Nintendo is doing it, Sony has to as well in order to keep up.

Meanwhile, Sony is implementing motion-sensitivity into its PS3 controller, but only so they can say, "we can do that too!" They won't take advantage of it like the Wii games will. It will simply be there, doing nothing. Not unlike Sony.