Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Importance of Editors

In this article I've decided to talk about something that many gamers tend to take for granted, but are actually very important to a games success. When gamers can actually edit the game and set it up how they want to, make their own weapons, levels, and sometimes even custom enemies, it really draws the gamers together into a community where they exchange their mods and try each other's creations out.

Not only does this improve the gamers' experience of the game as a whole, it also improves the replayability factor; that is, it makes the game funner (I know it isn't a word) and better the second and third times around instead of the game being boring and getting thrown away after it is beaten for the first time. Now the gamers can play it again and again and it won't be boring because it is never the same.

An even more important capability editors add to a game is expansion. Even if the editors are originally designed for the use of the gamers, the capability of the game to accept new levels, weapons, and other content can open new avenues for game expansion packs released by the game developers.

As you can see, game editors are quite important for a games success. Can you think of other uses for editors and why they are important to include in a game? Click the "comments" link below and tell us about it!


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