Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I've often started off an article picking bones with PC World magazine by saying that I greatly encourage subscribing to this magazine. I'm tired of doing that, so let's just get started.

It looks like PC World slipped up in this month's issue: they not only mentioned the Nintendo DS twice (they referred to it as "white hot", definitely a mistake), they also actually printed a photo of the disgraceful child's toy (in an advertisement, but still, they need to be more careful)!

Now if you've been around Gaming Avenue before, you know I'm only kidding. I love the DS. But it astounds me how often the magazine in question has boasted of the PSP's amazing capabilities without ever having an article or even a picture of the revolutionary DS (until this month). I'm sure they will print a full retraction in next month's issue:

In last month's issue our layout department mistakenly placed the words "white hot" before the name of the despicable Nintendo DS. What we intended to print was quite different, specifically "piece-of-crap no-good kid's-toy trashy cheap lame stupid ultra-loser Nintendo DS."

We also allowed an obscene photo of the obviously disgraceful object into an advertisement. We have promptly cancelled our contracts with the company who's ad included the photo of the distasteful toy.

PC World regrets the errors.

Want to make me happy, PC World? Print a full article on the Nintendo DS. And by full I mean at least a page long. You've done so several times with the PSP; be balanced. I'm sick and tired of seeing articles about how amazing and fantastic the PSP is and how it can play videos and mp3s. Show off some of the innovative qualities of the DS for once. You know I'm usually a pretty calm guy, but you are anti-Nintendo bigots and I am not planning on renewing my subscription next year.


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