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Violence Doesnt Solve Anything

First and foremost, i need to give credit to AE_EWIC_N. on the nintendo forums, for typing this up, and allowing me to use it here. THANKS!

People rate games MUCH lighter these days, than they did, say... 10-20 years ago.
Back then, the commercials on TV and the public "advertised" very provocatively.
Now a days, if you flick on the old tube, you'll see commercials where people say "dam"
and dress with hardly any clothes at all. (Take a look at the music channels, and I guarantee
that you'd concur with me.) Even modern-day celebrities wear "skin-showing" attire. Not to
mention just, the general public... Low-cut jeans 20 years ago, are now "old-women" jeans.
(if you know what I mean.)

So where am I going with this, you ask? Well, keep reading and find out.

If you’ve taken a look at the strategy that Nintendo’s doing… You’re probably thinking either:

1) WOW, Microsoft and Sony are going to die.
2) Nintendo’s going to die very soon.
3) I can’t wait to see the change in gaming
4) I am so excited… Who’s going to win this next-gen war?

Personally, I’m going with #1. I’m going with number one for these following reasons:

Have you ever “really” looked inside of an elder? (20-30 years older) Whether it’s your mom, dad or even Grandpa, you’ll find ONE common personality trait located in ALL of them.
Think about it… Have you ever heard your Grandpa say: “Hey guy, let’s play Halo. I hear it has GREAT graphics and awesome realism, especially with the gore part.” Be honest… I know you’ve never heard an elder person say something to the likes of this. And, ever noticed how (most) parents these days, are very protective of you? Not wanting for you to “Get bad ideas” into your heads? Well, notice that the Grandpa subject and the parent subject are VERY similar in understanding each other’s ways. Do you want to know these “ways” of your ‘older’ family?
You’d normally think “No duh, they’re older”… Yeah, and you’re right! ‘Older’ people have already fought in wars, had divorces and seen murders, right before their eyes. YOU most likely haven’t. Maybe the reason why ‘older’ people pound these lessons into your head, is because… They don’t want you to have to go through what they already have.
Technology these days is getting better and better with ‘realistic’ graphics and sounds. Enabling to have you par-take in a ‘realistic’ WORLD. Face it… Video games ARE addicting. Most people you see (even jocks) own at least ONE video game console. The video game business is growing, and with that, comes the MAJOR COMPANIES (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft) of video games. It all started when Sony came out with the PS1, hoping that it would over-throw the N64. Which it did. (Even though I, personally think that the N64 is better…) Then, Microsoft joined the ‘party’ and showed up with something called an XBOX… Nintendo and Sony,
(the hosts of the ‘party’) came up with the GCN and the PS2. XBOX had a slight advantage over the other two companies (Nintendo/Sony). Since the XBOX was made from a company that makes most of people’s software on computers to date. Microsoft. (Not to mention that Microsoft is owned by the richest North American, Bill Gates.) I guess people thought it was cool to own something from Microsoft. Plus, this system had slightly better graphics than the GCN/PS2. Not only was it also a fairly good system. (Power-wise) But, it had the most ‘mature’ games on it. When Microsoft and Bungee Games came out with Halo, XBOX was a hit. (Still, it came in 3rd place, behind the GCN and the PS2.) But, considering that this was Microsoft’s first system, they did pretty well. But, take a look back, at what I’ve already said… Does the word ‘mature’ pop-up into your head, when you think XBOX? I’m sure it does. Microsoft was mainly marketing towards the 15-30 year old, males…
Now, I’ll bet that some of you are thinking: “I’m 11, and I have an XBOX.” Well, it’s the horrible truth, but most kids lie to their parents… Telling them that the “M” rating stands for “Most ages”… You’re parents then buy you one… With games like DOOM 3 and Halo. Once you start playing it, you’re parents are probably out at work, not knowing that you’re looking at alien intestines and demon hearts… Can you REALLY see your mom (or dad) saying: “Let’s go kill things!” No… You can’t… The fact is, (what I’ve already pointed out), you’re parents are protecting you from ‘bad’ thoughts and ideas, not wanting you to become the next biggest murderer.
I can read your mind… You’re thinking: “Video games don’t make us kill people!”, and you’re absolutely right… Most parents don’t realize that, and they only let you play games like “Telletubbies’ Great adventure”. BUT, hold-on! Have you ever come across some, little grade 3’r and, they tell you to “F” off? Or, kick you in some deranged way? I’m sure you have, some time or another… And, they are most likely getting those words and ideas from video games. So, video games won’t make you a killer, but, it will influence little dudes to go around, being rude to others.
Microsoft is a big problem of this, and just think about it… Once this grade 3’r becomes a father, what will his son be? What’s to come, for this next-generation of kids?
The sad thing is, we can’t stop it… Even if Microsoft changed their ways, there’d still be TONS of other companies out there, teaching little kids ‘bad’ things… Oh, and don’t forget about Sony… They have also come out with their share of ‘bad influence’ games, themselves.
Now, Nintendo is a company to behold… They’ve always been original and CLEAN! You see, Nintendo’s approach has almost always been “protect the kids, while still giving the parents a good time”. Ever since the NES, they have come out with ‘family-friendly’ games. Mario, F-Zero and Kirby are just a few of Nintendo’s great franchises that are ‘family-friendly’. Now, take a look at Nintendo’s DS… It doesn’t have as good graphics as the PSP, but they out-sold them by A LOT. And, Nintendo has been testing, if people enjoy having a touch-screen on their games, or if the consumers enjoy playing games like “Nintendogs”. And, people really have! Nintendo now has the ‘forgotten’ bunch of people in their hands. People LIKE moms or dads, Grandmas or Grandpas. Nintendo has spoken, but isn’t going to finish with just the DS… But, now the Revolution comes, and it creates an even GREATER amount of people they can sell to… Since the interactivity and the game play is what Nintendo is known for. Nintendo knows that violence doesn’t solve anything, but sheer originality and interactivity does. I salute Nintendo for this bold approach. They’re creating a better future, not just for games, but for civilization itself! Kids won’t be as influenced by gory games, since Nintendo is being careful not to create games like that. Nintendo is king, as far as I’m concerned… So, for those people who say: “Grand Theft Auto is a great game”… Just relax… Don’t buy those kinds of genres, because you’re the people who’s ruining the future, as we know it.
This isn’t just about videogames, it’s about man-kind.



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That's a pretty sweet article! If only more people had that opinion about this whole thing...

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