Thursday, March 02, 2006

Everything's Under Control

One of the most annoying problems a video game can have is poor controlability. Game designers often have a difficult time using the limited control options in their best combination for the game being designed.

Here's where Nintendo comes in. Nintendo is the only video game console manufacturer that is blazing trails when it comes to controls. The DS has two never before seen controls: a microphone and a touch screen. These have been a boon to DS owners everywhere. The Revolution also has a groundbreaking control feature, a motion-detection capability that enables amazing features such as swinging a sword, pointing a gun, or firing lasers. Gaming will never be the same.

However, it's one thing to design a great controlability feature and something completely different to make good use of it. This is where (unfortunately) Nintendo has fallen a bit short in its requirements for games. Most games designed for the DS don't use the microphone at all. Few of them use the Wi-Fi capabilities for multiplayer games. Some of them don't make good use of the touch screen (reserving it for menus, etc.), and still more don't use it at all.

Hopefully when the Revolution and the first games designed for it are released, we will see the Nintendo has enacted some strict standards for the use of its new control features, requiring the games released by outside studios to make use of it extensively. Otherwise, many games won't use it at all, or, like the DS games, they will use it sparingly, and not using it at all ingame.

All I gotta say is, there had better be some dang good 3D shooters that use the point-and-click capabilities :D.


Blogger Mr. Levingston said...

and i can garuntee to you that metroid prime 3 will not come short of expectations. that game is going to blow fpa's and fps's away, away.

Friday, March 03, 2006 8:03:00 PM PST  

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