Thursday, February 23, 2006

Internet Revolution

So apparently the Nintendo Revolution will have internet browsing capabilities (take that XBox!) At first this sounds kind of stupid. Who would want to use the internet on a gaming console?

But wait! This isn't any old gaming console. This is the Revolution. And what's so great about it? The controller.

In case you have forgotten (I haven't), the Revolution has an awesome point-and-click controller; it senses its own movements and it knows where it's pointing when you click the buttons. This means you can use it as a mouse; the built-in wi-fi capabilities of the Revolution make web browsers a natural extension of the console.

What about text entry? This question (so far) hasn't been answered. Some possible solutions are an on-screen keyboard (the easy way) or a plug-in keyboard (the controller has an expansion slot, remember?) Using the expansion slot would be a good solution, but even better (if Nintendo can pull it off) would be to plug in a microphone with speech-recognition technology built in. This would be the best solution, but it would be difficult and expensive to manufacture, so a keyboard would probably be better.

The Nintendo spokesman who made the announcement went on to say that people wouldn't buy the console primarily for its web capabilities. Hogwash and humbug! I'll buy it even if it doesn't do anything but surf the web! With the point-and-click plus forward-backward and scroll button controller I can't think of a better way to surf.

Personally, I can't wait for the Revolution to be released. Neither the XBox or the PS3 have any web capabilities at all (at least not yet); apparently Nintendo is the only one blazing trails, the only one expanding the medium. Go Nintendo!


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