Thursday, January 12, 2006

50 Best Pieces of Crap

I must start by saying that I love PC World Magazine. If PC World was a chic, I'd marry her. I cannot recommend enough that you buy a subscription to this wonderful magazine.

That said, I have some bones to pick regarding their picks for the "50 Greatest Gadgets" list that they threw together this year. Most of the picks are okay, and some of them are good (Google Earth got 6th place!), but two in particular caught my attention (only the first 25 are in the magazine, I haven't checked online yet). These two were 11: Microsoft XBox 360, and 14: Nintendo Nintendogs.

Let's start with the XBox. All the picks had one-line descriptions; this one said "Next-gen console-based entertainment." Wow. If it was that bad, why did they give it 11th place (by the way, these gadgets are being given "Innovation Awards")? Is this thing really receiving an I. Award for being next-gen? And besides, they haven't even let the competitors get released yet (I'm not sure who I would want to win, PS3 or XBox; Sony made the PSP and Nintendo needs revenge for smearing the DS, but on the other hand Microsoft could use some smacking around).

Then there's the Nintendogs game: "Cute canines in a serious simulation." They make it sound like a bleeping kids toy ("cute"? What the heck?), while simultaneously making it seem boring (Ooh, a "simulation"... boooring!) They also fail to mention that what made this game so innovative was the capabilities of the DS (microphone and touchpad). They don't even say it's a DS game.

It makes me so mad. Not once has the DS been reviewed or even pictured, and the magazine almost seems to avoid mentioning it. Meanwhile there were two mentions of the PSP in this Issue, and in the Best Products of the Year Awards for last year, the PSP got a spot (I forget which one), and in an earlier issue it got a full page feature review (very favorable, I might mention). It has also been talked about in relation to hacking electronics products (cameras, PCs, gaming consoles, TiVos, etc). I'm no genius (okay, maybe I am :D), but I'm seeing more and more PSP as time wears on and have yet to see mention of the DS.


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