Thursday, December 01, 2005

XBOX 360: Too Sleazy

The XBox 360 is one of the most awaited game consoles ever to hit the market. In a desperate moment, Microsoft released a product that wasn't ready so people could buy it in time for Christmas. As a result, it crashes alot.

Then what happened? A shortage occurred. People aren't able to buy the consoles because there aren't enough of them. Not only that, but some places are claiming to sell "XBox 360 Gift Cards" that enable people to reserve a unit, but in reality the cards are just regular gift cards with 400 bucks and an XBox logo on them.

The question is, is the shortage artificial? Did Microsoft do this on purpose to create hype? If so, they're losing. People are going to spend Christmas money on something else and then skip the XBox when it's available again.

If the shortage is real, why didn't Microsoft see it coming and try to avoid it? I found an article about the shortage with this great quote:

"You might have thought that Microsoft, if they are determined to topple Sony from the console marketplace, might have learnt from the stock shortages that plagued the PSP," said one gamer in an e-mail to the BBC News website.

"You can't be a market leader if you have no products to sell to customers!"

That pretty much sums it up.

Not only that, but The game selection for the new console is weak. I mean weak. Here's another quote from an article:

Microsoft's great white hope does not disappoint, but it is left wanting by the lack of a truly great game that shines on the new machine.

Duh! Sure it has better performance. For goodness sakes, it has three CPUs! But will it matter when the only games available suck?

In other news, the Revolution has a new controller! The controller is shaped like a TV remote, and used similarly. The difference? It senses movement, creating all new gaming experinces never before imagined. Imagine using it:

As a sword
As a fishing pole
As a gun
As a steering wheel

And lots more! As this other article points out:

"It is the game experience that will most separate the Revolution from its competitors," said Mr Iwata. "The key here is not what you are playing but how you are playing."

"We expect the Revolution will create entirely new genres to expand the definition of video games," he said to loud cheers in the hall.

YES YES YES! That is exactly what we at Gaming Avenue stand for! The gaming medium is about to get some long-overdue expansion! Hooray for Nintendo!