Friday, November 11, 2005

Metroid Prime Pinball

sorry, this ones gonna be short and sweet. i'm kinda grounded...

Alright, for the Nintendo DS, Metroid Prime Pinball!!

Well, like any pinball game, you have your ball, your flippers, and your bonuses. well, add that to a condensed version of the MP1 story line, and you have yourself metroid Prime Pinball!

you use the triggers for your flippers, B for bombs, Y for missles, X for power bomb, and A for a flipper.

you have to collect ammunition for Missles and P.bomb though...

as you go, you have to do mini games such as a 3rd person shooting thing where you come out of morph ball and shoot enemies trying to kill you
some wall jump thing where you use L and R triggers to reach the top
and random kill the enemy by running them over with your morph ball.

Lots of fun, it'll keep you occupied for a loong yella time if your on a road trip.

OH! multiplayer too! up to 7 friends (plus you, so 8) can play at once. all it is is a race to 100,000 points... but its quite fun. my sister and i have been playing it on the bus all week. =P


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