Thursday, October 13, 2005

Animal Crossing DS: Wild Wild World

well, its not quite out yet, just 2 months to go!

I'm sure that we have all played Animal Crossing for the Nintendo GameCube.

Well, as a recap, it goes like this:

Get a house
pay off the loan
make friends
earn money
live and have fun!

well, in the GCN version, you could make 4 characters, but they couldnt interact with eachother! i mean, whats the point then??

well, what happens when Animal Crossing for the Gamecube meets the DS's magical ability to go online?

Wireless interaction!

Coming out roughly in December, Animal Crossing will be coming out for the DS, and it will feature a few new characters and items, but it basicly remains the same as the GCN version except for the part about making literaly thousands of new friends.

As the title says, this is definitly gonna be a wild life...
The Nefarious Ryan Von Levingston


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