Thursday, September 15, 2005

Super Metroid

Even though Super Metroid isn’t what started the Metroid series, it was the first Metroid title to include a map of Planet Zebes and the second to use a battery save feature. With these two features and its astonishing gameplay, Super Metroid became one of the most innovative and refreshing titles on the Super Nintendo.

Super Metroid contains nearly all of the power-ups that were featured in previous Metroid titles. Samus still has the ability to go into morph ball form to enter narrow passageways and lay bombs to destroy walls and floors which may reveal hidden areas. As for new power-ups, swing from the ceiling by using the Grapple Beam or run at high speeds to destroy everything in Samus’s path while using the Speed Booster.

Players can explore the areas of Zebes to pick up energy tanks, missile tanks, super missile tanks and even power bomb tanks. Samus is more dangerous than she was previously, but old foes Ridley and the Space Pirates aren’t exactly a push-over either. After all, it’s up to Samus to take down the Mother Brain and her forces once more!

Super Metroid is a 16-bit beauty. This game took advantage of the 24-Meg cartridge and blew open the areas of Zebes like never before. The background scenery really sets the mood of this adventure by making the player feel like he or she is deep inside caves, tunnels and lava shafts.

Even after ten years and comparisons against the Metroid Prime series, Super Metroid still remains a favorite by many gamers. For those who missed out on this title or don’t own a Super Nintendo, definitely give Super Metroid a try on the Revolution.


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