Sunday, September 11, 2005

Oracle of Seasons/Ages

The Legend of Zelda is a large franchise and each game hasn’t failed to impress fans. During the month of May in the year 2001 the series grew by two games with the release of Oracle of Ages/Seasons.

Although two separate games with different storylines, the similarities and characteristics between the two is reason enough for a person to refer to both as the “Oracles” and a single game.

Similar to Link’s Awakening (for the original Game Boy and Game Boy Color) the Oracle games stay true to their predecessor with plenty of challenging puzzles, colorful characters and amazing storylines.

One of three new features for the series is the Animal Partners obtainable within both cartridges. Each Animal Partner has a unique ability and will aid Link within his journey. Moosh is a flying bear who can cross huge abysses, Ricky is a boxing kangaroo who can scale great heights and Dimitri is a Dodongo who can swim in the fiercest of waters.

The second feature is the Magical Rings -- there are 64 varieties available between Ages and Seasons. Each ring possesses a unique ability and for a small price they can be appraised. After each appraisal the magic within the ring will be unlocked. Every Magical Ring offers something new, fun and useful to the gameplay.

The final feature is how each game is compatible with the other and the cartridges can link with each other for one huge epic adventure, which has an ending as big as the adventure itself!

If you are looking for a good time, pick up both cartridges. Having only one of them is like having half of a game.


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