Saturday, September 24, 2005

Golden Eye: Rouge Agent

you wanna know something that ticks me off?

How transfers can never be complete duplicates of games they are supposed to be!
today we will use Rouge Agent for the Nintendo DS, and Rouge Agent for the Nintendo Gamecube.

  • voice acting
  • full cutscenes
  • level select
  • awsome multiplayer
  • unlockable weapons
  • text acting
  • very short and lousy cutscenes
  • no level select
  • not-so-awsome multiplayer (but hey, wireless fps is a wireless fps)
  • weapons are near impossible to unlock
Now, both games are extremely awsome, so i'm not saying "OH dont get the DS version!! it sucks!" its well worth getting, but i'm just stating, dont go out of your way to get the DS version if you already have the GCN version.

You take on the role of a 007 Agent gone bad. You were kicked out of MI6 for brutality, and unnecessary tactics.
All of this brutality and such started when you lost your eye to an encounter with Dr. No
After being kicked from MI6, you recieve a letter from Goldfinger, who says you can join up with him, and he can fix your eye.
So, you join him, and he gives you an awsome golden eye with super powers...Hence the name "Golden Eye"

Now, the awsome thing about this game is how you can wield 2 weapons at once. (i mean, who can resist?)

On the DS version, you use the touchscreen to switch weapons.
While on the GCN version, you have to do a button combo (L+A or R+A)

now, while there are some pretty awsome weapons in this game, the one downfall i can find is how unlike in my favorite James Bond game (Golden Eye for the N64) you could carry a multitude of weapons at once. While in this new game, you cannot.

So that adds a bit to the downfall...

But, all in all, this game is definitly worth getting on either systems (unless you already have it for the GCN...then i wouldnt bother with the DS version unless your looking for something to do in the car)
The Evil Ryan Von Levingston


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