Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Tales of Symphonia


Tales of Symphonia is a perfect example of what happens when the game designers put everything they have into making a pretty world for you. Simply put, this game is absolutely GORGEOUS. The cel-shaded worlds in the game are beautifully designed, making the entire game a beautiful work of art. Of course, there's more to beauty than still worlds...the game also makes art out of the heated battles that will be faced throughout the game. Every single attack has a different effect, and each one looks simply amazing. As odd as it may seem, even the action-packed battles in Tales of Symphonia are things of beauty.

Graphics score: 5/5


I would like to give a huge "THANK YOU!!!!!!!!" to the people who wrote the story for this game. Though the plot may seem confusing at first, it quickly becomes a very mysterious sequence of events that are all masterfully written. I was actually moved to tears at a few points. Nothing about ToS' plot is generic...everything is purely original, and you'll never expect a lot of the proverbial curveballs that the game will throw at you. As much as I would like to give examples, I can't tell you anything about it for fear of spoiling the awesomeness that is this game's storyline. In short, the story is like an expertly written novel...it is something far above what anyone could ask for from a video game.

Story score: 6/5
(What? I can't do that? Dang...)
Story score: 5/5


At this point, I focus my attention on the part of every game that most influences my final ratings...how the game plays. In the case of Tales of Symphonia, all I can really say is...YAHOOOOO!!!! I just can't help it, the game is a pure joy to play! ^_^ Unlike in most RPGs, battles are not completely random...rather, you can see the enemies before they attack you, and if you want, you can simply dodge around them, although the game does not encourage this, since you need some high levels to take on the huge bosses in the game...and the bosses are REAL bosses...you won't be able to take them out by just mashing buttons, in this game, you'll need to be prepared and use some strategy. On another note, the game strogly encourages you to form combos by linking your normal attacks together with special attacks, and by working together with your teammates to continually hit your oppenent without stopping. Naturally, mindless button-mashing won't get you anywhere in that field. So, to put it simply, everything about this game is wondefully designed, and the battles never feel slow, boring, or tedious, since they're just so much fun to fight out!

Gameplay score: 5/5


ToS is a pure video game work of art that has been wonderfully designed and made, and never gets boring, even after it's been completed, though that won't happen for a while, since the game is HUGE...it'll easily take up at least 60 hours of play time, and likely more than 80. After all, the game covers two jam-packed discs! Once you finish the game, you can play again with new stuff! This will let you keep a lot of the things you got the first time, and this also gives you a good chance to complete any side quests you missed. However, I'm getting off of the point...TALES OF SYMPHONIA ROCKS!!!!! I've never felt this excited or gotten this addicted to any video game, not even my previous favorite, Fire Emblem. Tales of Symphonia has reminded me just how much fun a video game can be. Normally I would take some time to talk about the flaws in any game I review, but...to tell you the truth, I just can't find much of anything wrong with this game! It's pure fun, plain and simple. In other words, TOS PWNZ!!!!
...Sorry, I've always wanted to say "pwnz" in a review. ^_^ Heh, I can't help it if ToS is just about the greatest game I've ever played. ^_^

Overall score: A BAZILLION/5
(I can't do that, either? Dang...come on, I told you that I've never felt so much emotion over a video game before! ...Still no? Oh, all right...)
Overall score: 5/5


Blogger BusterBot858 said...

Do you ever rate a game poorly ;) ?

Tuesday, July 26, 2005 4:11:00 PM PST  
Blogger Mr. Levingston said...

nope. thats whats so special about me. i only rate the good games, and i only rate them good. TOS PWNZ!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005 6:37:00 PM PST  

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