Saturday, July 02, 2005


Story- 8.5/10

The story is about as zany as any other bizarre game made by Rare, and that there really.....isn't much story. You play as Banjo and Kazooie, trying and stop Grunty the witch once more, and in a hope to revive Bottles, who was zapped by her magic. There's dozens of other plotlines throughout the levels, each involving someone more eccentric and hilarious then the last. You have to buy moldy fries at a theme park, retrieve an item from a talking ice cube, and try and wash out a tipsy pirate! So much fun that I actually burst out laughing a couple times while playing it.

Gameplay/Controls- 9/10

The controls in this game are excellent, and moves are extremely easy to learn as you go along. The levels are zany and colorful, and full of somewhat tricky puzzles. Getting to and from the levels through the main world can be frustrating at times, and often you can lose track of just where you're trying to go. The extra items, like honeycombs and feathers, are scattered throughout the lands, and can keep the gameplay going a little longer.

Graphics- 7.5/10

I love these graphics to death, and would still prefer the slight blockyness over the modern GCN sleek look. The bright colors signify everything this game was meant to be, and lets you know just what kind of an atmosphere you're in. However, without a sharp TV, some things don't appear very clear when viewed from afar.

Sound- 6.5/10

Meh. The voices of our heroes can get repetitive, with the squawks and hums, but the loopy sound effects average it about right. The "talking" noises, should be able to be toggled off, also.

Difficulty- 8.5/10

This one is sort of a toss-up. Your first time playing through can be extremely tough, when you meet new bosses and locked doors. But after you lose once, or play through again, it easies up a bunch.

Extras- 10/10

You can unlock and go back to a whole bunch of things in this game. There's a truckload of minigames and mock-trivias in the title menu, including a purposeful GoldenEye knock-off that seems disturbingly like the real game. Once you unlock cheats, you can go back with infinite this and that, and turn your feathered friend into a fire-breathing Dragon. You also can go revisit the classic cut-scenes and ending scene.

Final Vote- 8.5/10



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