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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The storyline was great! Back then, I'm sure it wasn't as clich├ęd as it would be now, so I'll ignore that idea entirely. Anyways, the story. I will first give a brief summary of it. Here it goes... In a land called Hyrule, in a small village full of little children who will never grow old, a young boy sleeps. He is the only person in his village without a fairy helper. But it will all change soon. The young boy soon hears the words, "Hey, watch out, hey!" He immediately wakes up to find a fairy at his bedside! The fairy tells the young boy that their guardian, the Great Deku Tree, is in trouble, and needs to speak with the young boy. Now, Link must save the Deku Tree, and go on his breast-defying adventure! Anyways, it sounds interesting, huh? So during you adventures, you also have to collect these special meddalions after something spectacular happens... but I'll just let you find out for yourself. (it has to do with the master sword, I'll tell you that). So anyways, there are some plot twists, interesting areas you have to venture to, and different people you need to meet before you can continue the story. There's also a man that follows you around in your adventures named, "Shiek," but that's all I'm going to say. Hehe... Anyhow, the story was great.

Storyline Rating: 9/10 (mainly because it started to get obvious near the end of the game)

Well, nothing you wouldn't expect froma Zelda game- the hack and slash maneuvers, and whatnot. Basically, you go trhough the dungeons hacking away at enemies until they die. Some enemies, however, twill take other strategies. Things such as bombs, arrows, elemental infused arrows, hookshots, and powerful spells help aid you in defeating the enemy. Some puzzles in the game require you to use a combination of items to achieve- for instance, to open the pathway to the water temple, you must be wearing your iron boots (which make you heavier), and then shoot your hookshot at a switch above the doorway. Anyways, each boss in the game usually consists of using your newly found item (you get a new item in every dungeon) to lure the boss in, and then slash a certain body part until the boss retreats again. You will have to repeat this many times. As boring and repetative as it may sound, it's actually fun! Some of the bosses are fun to fight! When your fighting Morpha (boss of the Water Temple), you have to shoot your longshot at its nucleus, and then start slashing at it. It get's quite addicting. Another fun aspect they add to the game is the ability to ride a horse (in this game, your horse's name is Epona). On horseback, you can run much faster than on foot. Also on horseback, you can shoot arrows at enemies to defeat them (there are actually certain enemies you can only encounter on horseback- the giant poes). So overall, you must use an array of weapons and techniques to overcome your nemesis'.

Gameplay Rating: 10/10 (Pure fun. That's all I can say)

Controls/ Camera Angles:
The controls were great! Well... How am I going to do this? I know for a fact that the controls were different for the N64. Hm... Well, I'll just grade the GCN's controls for now. I doubt I'll ever get to grade the N64's controls, so don't get angry, please. Anyways, the controls! They were great! I especially liked the L-Targeting system- I got accustomed to it right away (then again, I probably am just still used to the WW's controls, which were nearly the same). Anyways, this is what the buttons on the controller did: A Button (It was for talking, and picking up certain items, and it also could do a downward slice with your sword while L-targeting), B button (It was for skipping speach and slicing your sword!), L button (It was for targeting people and enemies, and turning), R Button (it didn't have much use in the game at all), the Control Stick (it was for using the ocarina), the D- pad (again, it did nothing), the other stick (it was for moving), and start button (it opened the start menu) (also, the X and Y buttons posed no purposes). The only thing I hated was the L-button. Whenever I wanted to turn, I would always have to press the L-button! I usually ended up targeting an enemy by accident when I intended to turn! Tose are my thoughts on the controls. Now... The camera angles. They were horrible. Whenever I was fighting a tough enemy in the game, I would end up looking at myself instead of the enemy! And sometimes when I need to jump to a certain platform, the camera would swerve off in some random direction! This is why I hated the camera angles. They would never go in the direction I wanted them to.

Controls/ Camera Angles Rating: 5/10 (horrible camera angles, and buttons weren't bad, but they weren't good, either)

The graphics are really dated and blocky. Yes, that is my first scentance in this section. They are incredibly bad! This is compared to today's standard, though. Back in the day, they may have been top-notch... but I forgot what videogames were like 10 years ago. How could I forget?! Well, I'll try to rememer. Also, if you are still reading this, put at the bottom of your post, "I'm a moose!" Thanks. Anyways, the graphics in the game- as a matter of fact, if they were anywhere near today's standard, this game probably could've been rated T. The almost fully naked great fairies... the blood-stained walls (in most dungeons)... even the bones that come out of most enemies when you beat them... They could all add up to one really violent game (in today's standard of graphics, anyways). I mean, I wouldn't mind... but if it was like that about 10 years ago, when it was on the N64, I probably would've been too scared to play it (I was a small child then, so don't think I was a baby). So I'm sortof glad that they didn't imprve the graphics on the one ported to the GCN. Heh... but either way, the graphics suck. Everything looks slightly pointy, there aren't many polygons, and things look very unrealistic. But in way back when's standard, they probably were top notch! Thus, I will grade the graphics on the standard of 10 years ago.

Graphics Rating: 8/10 (if it was today's standard, it would be a 4/10)

Replay Value:
This game has great replay value! All of the elements of this game add up... the story... the gameplay... now so much the graphics... into one giant mesh of a great videogame! This is one of those timeless treasures you can never forget. Why, if you even got through half of this game, you'd still be wanting to play another file at the same time of your current file! Anyways, why is it that spectacular? I'll tell you why. The story pulls you in and never lets you go. The gameplay blinds you until you cannot think of anything else to do... but this! The overworld maps are increible, always a plus. The temples are challenging, and that could go into your reason to play it again. The characters in the game put an impression in your mind that can relate to real people you know. The special moments in the game could last a lifetime... or, until you forget about the game (). But seriouslly, the memories! This game could put a tear on your eye to see Princess Zelda for the first time, knowing she will get kidnapped by Ganondorf. Pulling up the mastersword is like an accomplishment- it feels so real at the time. Anyways, this is a great game to play over and over until your heart's content.

Replay Value Rating: 10/10 (it is that good!)

This was a really great game, and I'm glad I finally started it. If it could be any better, I would just have to say that it needs better graphics... and a better way to turn. But that's it! Besides that, I'm going to say that this was one of the best games of all time!


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