Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Incredibles for GBA

The Incredibles is a great movie worthy of our admiration. Unfortunately its GBA game counterpart doesn't live up to expectations.

The graphics are nice, and they fit well with the game. The sound is great, and the music tracks are very much in the style of the official Incredibles theme. But somehow it doesn't click. It doesn't entertain. It isn't fun.

So if it isn't the graphics, and it isn't the sound, what is bad? Gameplay. The levels are poorly designed: walk to the right, beat up bad guys, repeat. After doing this say, five times, you get a password so you can come back to that point later. Then continue. It gets repetitive and boring. Sure, new enemies come along, but they are all variations on a few main ones: flying robots, henchmen, and a few others.

The bosses are fine, and present a nice challenge (for a change). You get to be all the characters in the movie, other than JackJack. This adds some degree of variety, but it is still a bore, as most of the time you are Mr. Incredible.

The combat is a bit screwy too. It's really hard sometimes to line up a punch, which is even more difficult when you are using Violet, who has a very limited range of attack. I did like the way you could launch someone high into the air, then jump and kick them into oblivion, however.

The use of cutscenes is also very inconsistent. Sometimes there are stills from the movie, and sometimes there are cutscenes using the game graphics being animated. It didn't make any sense.

Overall the game provided a little entertainment (at first), but got boring quickly and made you feel like a zombie. After playing a few levels, you wanted to quit and do something else. Because of this, I didn't beat the game for a month after I bought it, even though it wasn't that hard.

Final rating: 6/10


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