Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Rally Time

Ever wished you could make your own racing game, quick and painless? Now you almost can, with GeneRally. A track editor, multiple car types, and lost of possibilities will keep you playing for hours. Best of all, it feels like you are playing with R/C cars, because the game uses a 3/4 view instead of first person.

And that isn't all. The graphics are fun, and you can create your own enemies with different difficulties. You can have as many players as you want playing hotseat thanks to the multiple player keymapping capabilities. And it's loads of fun to create and share your own 3D tracks with other people online. The editor is very intuitive, and both the game and the editor are pretty much idiot proof. Not a single bug I could find.

By far one of the biggest leaps in new concepts in racing games. Unlimited selectable tracks make tournament creation easy, and up to 6 players/opponents can play. You can even put some opponents out on the track by themselves and watch them battle it out! Pit stops with real pit crews make repair quick and fun (and when was the last time you saw a racing game with pit crews?)

Downloaded the game? Try out my two best tracks: Hazard and ZipZap. And not only can you make your own tracks, with a little 3D modeling experience you can create your own cars! This will be your favorite PC racing game; it's definitely in my "Favorite Games" folder! Replay value is unbeatable; I'll never stop playing.

Good job to the GeneRally Dev team.


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