Sunday, April 17, 2005

XBOX Sucks

So I've been thinking a lot about it, and I have come to a decision: The XBOX sucks. Here's why:

The XBOX uses full size disks for games. This means they are easier to break through bending, and are harder to store.

The XBOX doesn't have any good games. This doesn't seem to matter; all the hard-bore gamers I've talked to say that the XBOX is awesome because of the graphics. Again I say, why is that more fun?

Besides, I played several games on an XBOX, and thought the graphics sucked. It didn't make the games less fun, but it was weird to think that the XBOX's bragging point is its mediocre graphics.

The XBOX controller is too hard to use. All the buttons on the right side are the same size; you have to look at the controller to hit the right button. This often leads to button mashing as you try to push a button but can't find it and can't take your eyes off the screen either.

And another thing; so many people hate Microsoft. Don't they realize the XBOX is made by Microsoft? The XBOX is nothing but a high-power high-speed PC. It even uses the same processors PCs use. You could easily build a PC with as much or more power than an XBOX, if you had the money. This is something XBOX-huggers just can't admit. They paid a fortune for a PC and now they have to stick to their story.

So what do I think is the best gaming console?

The PC is the most adaptable, most affordable, most expandable console ever invented. You can play any CD-rom game, have as much processing power as you can pay for, and use any game controller for PC on the market, most of which are better than any other controller for other gaming consoles. You can also use the same service you are already paying for to play multiplayer internet games, instead of paying a fortune for XBOX live, or wiring a bunch of GBAs together, or whatever. The PC is the best system available.
And the best thing is, most people already have a PC! All they have to do is upgrade a bit, and POW! They have a gaming console! Yes, it's that easy.

There are also some newer computers rigged up directly for gaming, like the Dell XPS, XPS Laptop, and XPS Laptop Gen 2. They are expensive, no doubt about it, but they are way more powerful than any game console.

So spend the money on a nice PC. And skip the XBOX.


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