Monday, April 11, 2005

More Bias Notes

Please forgive me for all this stuff about Nintendo, but I must vent a little here.

The PSP is good because:
  • Better Graphics
  • Camera
  • MP3 Player
The DS is better because:
  • It's $100 cheaper
  • The games average $15 cheaper
  • The games are better
  • It has a touch screen
  • It has a microphone with speech-recognition
  • It has wireless multiplayer play
  • It has cartridges that don't wear out and with onboard storage
  • It can dial in to hotspots (if the game supports it)
Besides, the MP3 player can easily be implemented into the DS using the GBA slot, the camera is already on your cell-phone (and can you think of any games that could use it?), and which would you rather have: better graphics, or funner games?

Anyway, I'm done now. If anybody tells me, "dude, the DS is lame. Get a PSP," I now have a place to point them to.


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