Saturday, April 23, 2005

IVAN't to Play!

Don't jump out of your skin, but I have finally found a rogue-style RPG that contains original concepts! That's right, and it's called IVAN.

Here are some of the original ideas it contains:

It uses a limb based damage system. You and all the other monsters take damage on one or more parts of your body, including left and right legs, left and right arms, head, torso, and groin (ouch!). If a body part is damaged too much, it is severed and falls next to you. This applies to monsters too. There's nothing like fighting a zombie and seeing at the bottom of the screen, "Alex the Puppy has finished eating the Zombie Leg."

It combines dungeon adventuring with outdoor adventuring. If you check out this screenshot, you'll see it's another one of those random dungeons. Oh joy. But wait, there's more! Come see this screenshot. There is a huge map waiting for you to explore. Although most of the game is underground, they nicely balance this with outdoorsiness (is that a word?).

It has graphics that don't look like text characters. I'll give you a minute to get back into your chair. Alright, that's better. You heard me right, and you probably noticed by those screenshots, the graphics are the best of any rogue-type ever made (but that isn't saying much). And the effects are cool too. Occasionally your sword or helmet will twinkle, and if you're hurt, blood will drop to the ground as you walk.

And the best thing is that it's free. And it's constantly updated. In fact, it's only at v0.5 right now, and I think they could easily sell it the way it is.

This is an excellent and long-due remake of the old rogue games that far exceeded my expectations. I congratulate IvanDev for their superior quality and attention to detail.


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