Sunday, April 10, 2005


Well here we are. Welcome to Gaming Avenue. I am your host, BusterBot858. In case you haven't heard of me (which you probably haven't), I am the proud founder of LegionSoft, the owner and sole proprietor of the online RPG Shadow Redemption, and a Visual Basic 6 teacher at Game Making School. I have been using VB6 since I was 10 (back then VB5 was the latest), and I've been using a registered version of Game Maker 6 for two years now.

I started this blog because I knew it needed to be started. Not too many blogs exist where the word "game" does not necessarily mean a First-Person Shooter. I knew that there needed to be a place where serious gamers - who believe games should not be mindless shoot-em-ups - could gather.

So that is why we are here. And hopefully why you are here. If you disagree with me, if you think running around blowing people to smithereens with hyper-super-rocket launchers is the definition of a perfect game, this is not the place for you. You are not a serious gamer. You are a hardcore, or better put, "hard-bore," gamer.

All else, stay and prosper. Together we can alter the gaming medium forever.


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